Ariston Comic Selfies is a new entertainment format that combines web stage and the stage of the theater. The theatrical machine, its values and traditions blend with smartphone, web, social networks, live streaming in a new language. Talent, web-contest, interactive stand-up comedy show, selfie based fashion and dance show, online and in theater vote and much more. From the web platform of the stage of the theater and back: born in entertainment and speed ahead in entertainment.



Ariston Theatre in Sanremo, home of entertainment and one of the most popular theaters in Italy, in the nineties created an event called "New Comic Theatre". On this stage began their career some of the most important Italian artists of today (Beppe Grillo, Claudio Bisio, Giorgio Faletti, Luciana Littizzetto, Zelig Show and many others). Ariston Comic Selfies represents the will to proceed in the field of comedy and entertainment developing a project that promotes new talents through the stage by exploiting the potential and the new times of web’s language. The online dimension is not intended as a mere vehicle for the promotion, but, at the strategic level, it becomes a way of opening the doors of the theater to new audiences and new entertainment delivery modes, resulting in opening new markets.


The creative idea

The new mayor of London has celebrated his election with a selfie. The entrance and the sign of  Teatro Ariston Sanremo are one of the most selfie-iconic places in Italy. It was inevitable that selfie became the center of the creative idea of this innovative format, as a symbol of the revolution in communication and image on the web. In selfies operator and subject merge into one person, making communication more direct and genuine. The short video-selfie, no more than 90 seconds, underlying Ariston Comic Selfie, represent the evolution of comedy and entertainment on the Web. Thus was born web contest 2.0: with a selfie it brings young talents from the network virtual stage to the exhibition live on one of the most popular multimedia stages of Italy, in a totally interactive final evening that allowed the actors to talk and be in direct contact with their followers on social. 



To create a cross-media format with an offline and online communication. On one hand the classical theater world (institutions, jury, testimonial and traditional outdoor and print campaigns) and on the other web 2.0 engagement systems, based on user generated content and social networks, that become broadcasters peer to peer of the entire event. Engagement has been the key: the theater and its storytelling involves the participants and their followers so, that they become brand ambassador and promoter. After three months of continuous coverage, the final was the consecration of the strategy: the evening, with an innovative combination of software and web multilevel direction, took place on three different stages: in the theater in front of the audience, live-streaming on the official website and native streaming on the social pages and profiles of the web-star, exponentially increasing reach and engagement, allowing the Ariston to gain a leading position on the web.