The Green Fashion Week is a non-profit event patronized by the United Nations, aimed at promoting the use of environmentally friendly materials and socially responsible methods of productions in the Fashion Industry, the second largest polluter in the world.


In fact, the overall ecological impact of clothing on our planet is severe. In order to preserve the Earth and the future of next generations, it is essential to radically change processes based on heavy industry and to switch to organic and ethic methods of production - achieving lower resource consumption, reducing pollution, using recycling materials and offering higher wages and fairer working conditions.


This event aims to educate citizens to environmental sustainability. We believe it is fundamental to concretely commit and invest, in order to spread the awareness of the need for tangible actions towards sustainable development models.


GD MAJOR Entertainment believes that the future of this industry will be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable and therefore it supports international designers and young talents who believe in sustainability.


In order to prove the climate neutrality of the event, a sustainability report will be released in collaboration with our partners: The United Nations and the Allcot Group. Moreover, the unavoidable emissions during the event are redeemed by the funding of reforestation projects in the Amazon.


Partnership with Allcot Group

Allcot supports GD MAJOR’s sustainability efforts by offering environmental and sustainable services. They develop sustainable energy programs and create innovative solutions for carbon offsets. In addition, a sustainability report is released by Allcot after every Green Fashion Week, in order to record the carbon emissions and the necessary offsets.


Partnership with United Nations

United Nations aims to develop sustainability and “green solutions” as the new engine of growth. Particularly, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) works to promote resource efficiency and sustainable consumptions. GD MAJOR follows the UN’s guidelines for a Climate Neutral Event, which entails the measurement, reduction and offsetting of the carbon emissions generated during the whole event. The more we engage in this important initiative, the more we can help and be part of the global solution.