The Italian Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea was established in 1986. Within its scope of competency lie responsibilities related to: sustainable development, protection of territory, pollution and industrial risks, international protection of the environment, appraisal of environmental impact, nature conservation, waste and cleanup, and protection of seas and inland waters. The Italian Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea is strongly committed to promoting and supporting international partnership and cooperation towards global sustainable development.

The Italian Ministry for the Environment,Land and Sea(IMELS), together with the State Environmental Protection Administration of China(SEPA), the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of China, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and both Beijing and Shanghai Municipal Governments has engaged since 2000 an intense cooperation program on environmental protection.

The Italian Ministry for the Environment and Territory is mainly in charge of governing and supervising the environmental problems. It provides economic and technical support for the developing countries promoting the sustainable development on environment.

The Ministry rules the following three environmental areas: energy, climate and air pollution. There are 6 departments in the Ministry such as Nature Protection Department, Living Quality Department, Environmental Research and Development Department, Environment Protection Department, Land Prevention Department and Interior Service Department. Each department has different administering areas according to the different environmental areas.

The ALLCOT Group is an international, renewables-focused company that develops sustainable energy, and forestry projects, and trades carbon credits in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the U.S., and Latin America.

Their roots in the compliance carbon market provide a strong foundation on which they have built a robust service offering a wide range of environmental and sustainability services whereby their clients can take advantage of a strong and motivated team that is able to deliver innovative solutions.

For project development, the ALLCOT Group combines its finance and project development experience with a proven track record in carbon offset trading to maximize the risk-adjusted revenue potential in all of its undertakings.


Allcot supports GD MAJOR’s sustainability efforts by offering environmental and sustainable services. They develop sustainable energy programs and create innovative solutions for carbon offsets. In addition, a sustainability report is released by Allcot after every Green Fashion Week, in order to record the carbon emissions and the necessary offsets. For the 6th edition of Green Fashion Week - Rome 2017, Allcot has released the following carbon offset certificate:

Partnership with UNFCCC

UNFCCC aims to develop sustainability and “green solutions” as the new engine of growth. Particularly, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), through the climate neutral now initiative, works to promote resource efficiency and sustainable consumptions. GD MAJOR follows the UN’s guidelines for a Climate Neutral Event, which entails the measurement, reduction and offsetting of the carbon emissions generated during the whole event. The more we engage in this important initiative, the more we can help and be part of the global solution. 


Green Fashion Week is proud to be one of the signatories of the Climate Neutral Now, an initiative run by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. It invites all organizations and individuals to measure their GHG footprint, reduce it as much as possible and offset the rest using UN certified offsets. At the Green Fashion Week we believe that each of us has a role to play in fighting climate change.  While our core work is to promote sustainable fashion we went a step beyond to ensure that emissions generated as a result of the Green Fashion Week are compensated by investing in reduction somewhere else. Join us in the journey to a climate neutral world and reduce your impact on the environment as much as you can.



Climate Neutral Now is a United Nations initiative, which invites all levels of the society to be aware of their impact on the environment, work to reduce their climate footprint as much as possible and compensate the rest by investing in UN certified low carbon projects.  At the historic climate change conference in Paris, governments agreed that to be able to keep the planet safe, stronger and meaningful climate action is urgently required by all of us. Climate Neutral Now provides one way to contribute to the global climate action agenda and to limiting the global warming to well below 2 degrees.


ALLCOT develops sustainable energy programs offering a wide range of environmental and sustainability services able to deliver innovative solutions for the carbon offsetting.

Ambassadress daniela christiansson for GFW and the Climate Neutral Now

- Daniela Christiansson UN speech transcript -


"Hi, I am Daniela Christiansson, I am talking to you as Ambassadress of GD Major Entertainment and as Champion of Climate Neutral Now initiative launched by the United Nations climate change secretariat in September of last year.


The Climate Neutral Now initiative urges individuals, events, companies and governments to:


1. Measure their climate footprint

2. Reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible

3. Offset what they cannot reduce using UN-certified emissions reductions

You may ask what fashion has to do with climate change and what should the industry do to address the issue?! Well, fashion as most industries, has a direct impact on the environment and is the second most polluting industry, after the oil one. The processing of raw materials, the amounts of water used, associated travel, etc. they all contribute to the emission of greenhouse gasses which are causing climate change. The arrival of fast fashion and the massive increase in number of items that we are buying and sometimes quickly discarding means that the industry’s impact on climate change is only getting greater.


As we all know, fashion sets a distinctive trend in the style in which a person lives. This is why fashion is in a unique position to promote a climate-friendly lifestyle as a prevailing behaviour. As an industry I believe that we can and must have a greater role in tacking climate change which is why I've already pledged to personally become Climate Neutral and have involved with me Green FashionWeek in measuring, reducing and offsetting the carbon emissions generated during the whole event with UN certified emission reductions. The more we engage in this important initiative, the more we can help and be part of the global solution.


Climate Neutral Now is supporting and will be present at GFW to promote sustainability and in particular sustainable fashion." See the video below in order to learn how to calculate and offset your climate footprint!