Unethical Labour

 It is not unknown by consumers that there are hundreds of sweatshops around the world exploiting a large workforce, in order to maintain the high production speed of fast fashion. These factories are based all over the world, but the majority are in Bangladesh, Indonesia and China and unfortunately under extremely poor labour conditions. Workers rights is not something these factories take into consideration. The employees are often working in extremely dangerous and unfair conditions. Their work hours can be up to thirteen hours without breaks, and their ever decreasing deadline dates are leaving their arms feeling stiff and lifeless after non-stop stitching. 



Workers rights, and basic rights as a child are often ignored in these awful conditions. The more transparency brands offer, the more aware the consumers will be of where the clothes they wear come from. In recent years with the aid of a buzz from the media, and protests being carried out worldwide, there have been improvements to the working conditions, and with constant support and awareness we can achieve decent living wages and a safe environment for everyone. 



Evidently these circumstances are distressing enough, despite the fact they are on average being paid $3 a week, that is a total of $12 a month. And it is rumored that in some cases the wage can be even lower.

To all of us these conditions appear unbearable, but how do you think a child would manage this? Child labour is also a massive unfair factor of fast fashion. With children’s complacent nature, and naivety to protest, many factories are employing children with ease.