Green Fashion Week (GFW) is a non-profit international event supported by GD Major and FSA and patronized by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea in collaboration with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.


The protagonists of GFW are fashion designers and international companies that contribute to promote the concept of sustainability through their collections and their products. These products made with sustainable materials and produced with the same quality care are a reflection of their dedication.

After Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it came the time of Milan, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Rome and Dubai again. During the last two editions, GFW saw the happy collaboration with Arab Fashion Week and Arab Fashion Council in Dubai, and brought sustainability on the summits of Gotthard Pass in Switzerland.

Plus, a big new project is in agenda for the new season: GreenLandia is on the horizon...

GFW is a reference point and a privileged interlocutor for all national and international initiatives in order to enhance and promote sustainable development models within the fashion industry. 

It reconciles sustainability with the fashion industry, ethics and responsibility with beauty, luxury and comfort with style and elegance.

GD Major Entertainment presented GFW first ever Abu Dhabi Fashion Sustainability Experience; the mission was to organize a series of fashion shows over 4 days featuring international designers championing sustainability and eco-friendly fashion practices. The city of Abu Dhabi participated under this theme.

To prove the climate neutrality of its events, GFW  releases a sustainability report in collaboration with our partners:The United Nations and the ALLCOT Group. Moreover, the unavoidable emissions during the event are analyzed and quantified, and based on the results of the emissions of CO2, GFW contributes to the reforestation projects in the Amazon.