Victoria Ladefoged

Textiles are transformed into sustainable clothing. The recycling element adds collection history, an otherwise unattainable tactility and unique aesthetics.

All production takes place in Denmark with small orders at a time, as it is both environmentally friendly and gives the clothes a more unique and individual character.


In 2009 Victoria Ladefoged started her sustainable fashion brand working with recycled fabrics for her company. Here she uses recycled materials from the laundry service De Forenede Dampvaskerier such as discarded waiter’s aprons, dish towels and hospital sheets. Fashion design made in Denmark with skill and knowledge. Although born out of only very few different fabrics, Victoria Ladefoged’s designs are all unique, all with exclusive features. Browsing around her two-room en suite store, every single item invites you to take it off the rack to study every subtle detail; the layers, the shapes, the seams.


ORUSHKA calls herself a "provincial designer". She distances herself from the big fashion machine, defending herself against the murderous pace of the vanity fair. She lives in the forest. There she also created her own space for creative work.


From under her hands, there are mainly unique, single pieces, distinguished by the designer's style of futuristic sensuality and an extremely careful finish.


She believes that nothing makes her more happy like the creative work that accompanies her from early childhood. The design process as creating a form reaches its fullness if it is accompanied by essential content. And for many years this has been the concern for the environment - a fundamental value for all sensitive and forward-thinking people.

PARTs jewelry

PARTs jewelry was created for people who live consciously, are happy and take responsibility for the surrounding world, all with the spirit of Scandinavia.


pARTs is created in accordance with the idea of up-cycling, which involves the processing of recyclable materials into new products of higher quality and value.


The pARTs necklaces, bracelets and key rings use used steel nuts and gaskets, plates with integrated circuits, fragments of filters and even bulbs from controls and fuses from various car models have also been embedded.


Each element of pARTs is a unique handicraft that requires an artistic setting and care. The dominant trace of tires placed on boxes and certificates refers to the automotive genesis of jewelry.


The latest “Natural collection” is a collection in earth colours. The combination of natural crystals and leather fragments from car upholstery, which gives it a unique character. The main stones in Natural are jasper and garnet.



INSTAGRAM: @parts_jewelry


Founded in 2021 by Roberto and Donatella their claim is "The sustainable fashion".


Luxalpaca is a sustainable fashion company marrying luxurious Peruvian alpaca fiber with the Italian design. It has been built by two colleagues from MIP Business school. 


Luxalpaca unique selling proposition is to offer a high-quality product while also creating value and impacting positively on all our stakeholders, right from the first moment.


Alpaca wool is one of the most sustainable fabrics; the alpaca, too, is one of the most eco-friendly partners we could have! It lives extensively in the Andean area, eating what nature provides. Ethics is as important as sustainability is. Alpacas have been bred since ancient times and are now one of the main sources of business in the region. For us, that business means working in harmony with nature and respecting the local population. We fairly pay that communities contributing to give them the visibility they deserve also outside their country.



NYC Fair Trade Coalition

The NYC Fair Trade Coalition offers a unique educational experience for ethically-aligned businesses, students of sustainability, and advocates by creating space to incubate and activate local communities.


Andrea Reyes is a fair trade advocate, educator, and sustainable fashion matchmaker. She is the Chairwoman of the NYC Fair Trade Coalition, a network of small ethical business owners and advocates. She runs the Sustainable Fashion Community Center, a space located in East Harlem which welcomes the public to swap, pop, and drop-in to check out their clothing swap and fair trade gift shop.


She is also the founder of A. Bernadette, a sustainable fashion mentorship firm which aims to educate and incubate businesses to include more sustainable practices into their business activities. Lastly, she is an educator and author having taught at Pace University, Baruch College, FIT, and currently teaches at LIM College. She is a published author through Bloomsbury Publishing, "Apparel Costing."


The uniqueness of Prophetik begins with the artist himself. Over the last two decades, Gamer has

utilised a unique sensibility to craft a globally recognised eco-friendly fashion brand that is as sustainable

as it is distinctive.


Born in the Civil War town of Franklin, Tennessee, and raised on a horse farm, Gamer grew with a

connectedness to nature and a peaceful understanding of the world. Fast forward to today and Mr Garner

has actively ensured that very little in his existence has changed.


This collection was inspired by the nature Mr Gamer discovered riding Count Tibor's Arabian long

hair horses in the woods in the Transylvanian Alps. After London Fashion Week on September 24th,

Prophetik is presenting a show at Count Kalnoky Castle, Miklos var as a fundraiser for his village.


Mr. Gamer is a favourite of film director James Cameron and wife Suzy Amis Cameron, actor Collin

Firth and Livia Firth, and dresses many of his music buddies in Tennessee from Kings of Leon, Sheryl

Crow, Taylor Swift, Def Leopard and Esperanza Spalding.


Global Green USA who recently named Gamer "Sustainable Global Green Ambassador" are on a

IO-year mission to lead a global response to keep us within planetary boundaries and to bring forth a

sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a

culture of peace. As one of the original champions to make fashion sustainable Garner is honoured by this

collaboration, a testament to his mission and journey in fashion.


Mr. Gamer was just honoured by the Tennessee State Museum for his design and was named by the

Smithsonian Museum in DC as one of the top 40 artists in the United States with an ostrich gown and

quilted frock coat on permanent exhibition at the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian. He has been named

the Eco designer of the year by GQ magazine and was asked to do the tribute collection for HRH Princess

Grace of Monaco for the 30th anniversary in Monaco with the royal family. Mr. Gamer won an Emmy for

his documentary film on Sustainable Fashion called "Remastered".