Tucano is an Italian company that manufactures bags, backpacks, cases and accessories designed for a

fast-paced, digital life. It was founded in 1985 by Franco Luini. In over thirty years of doing business Tucano has established their corporate identity with worldwide production and distribution, thanks to practical, functional and technologically advanced products.

Tucano is the result of a product designed for everyone, easily accessible and easy to understand; products that intuitively respond to our needs and our habits, as well as to our desires. Tucano is a product and a company at the same time, able to combine simplicity and innovation, quality and reasonable prices, design and a sense of belonging to an Italian company that has been in business for almost thirty-five years.

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Wildling aims to strengthen the connection between people and the environment. Maintaining top-of-mind awareness of our ecological responsibility as a manufacturing company is the basic prerequisite for this objective.

Wildling is committed to continuing to reduce its ecological footprint. The materials we use are valuable resources.

We therefore give top priority to the careful selection of materials sourced from trustworthy and long-term partners with environmentally friendly distribution channels.

Corporate responsibility means assuming responsibility for people, planet, and profit. For us, taking on this accountability means leveraging business success to create a platform that we can use to make a difference in the issues that are close to our hearts.

Specifically, it means taking responsibility for people and planet.

To do this actively and with commitment means utilizing Wildling as a platform and multiplier to carry out environmental projects, to create a quality of work above and beyond the legal requirements, to invest time through corporate volunteering in things that don't directly contribute to the company's bottom line, to strive for ambitious goals like launching a cradle-to-cradle product, and to implement them step by step.



KROMAGNON is a fashion brand founded by Kristen Luong which encompasses elegance, refinement, luxury and mindfulness. Kristen's design aesthetic is modern with clean lines and draws from her background in urban culture and science. The inspiration for KROMAGNON comes from the Cro-Magnon Man who was one of the early humans to utilize sewing, weaving, tanning and art as part of their culture. Everything is sustainable, organic, natural and most importantly biodegradable and made in New York City. 



Textiles are transformed into sustainable clothing. The recycling element adds collection history, an otherwise unattainable tactility and unique aesthetics.

All production takes place in Denmark with small orders at a time, as it is both environmentally friendly and gives the clothes a more unique and individual character.



KRIÉ DESIGN, one of the most prominent Croatian fashion brands was founded by Kristina Burja in 2008.

It became well-known, locally, and globally for its distinctive design, specific model cuts, handmade applications, a unique designer signature visible in every collection.

The brand philosophy is based on the creation of unique street-smart fashion, that can be worn throughout the year and sustainability by the usage of eco-friendly, comfortable materials, easy to maintain.

With its flexible apparel line, Krie Design respects individual styling preferences of different target groups and over the years, it became equally desirable by teenagers, businesswomen, and ladies who age with style.

The core belief of Krie Design is, that fashion can be at the same time sustainable and affordable. It is all about making efforts on daily basis and raising awareness in the whole fashion industry.

Materials play a key role in our brand sustainability, so we work with organic cotton, recycled cotton, organic silk, recycled polyester & polyamide, reducing waste, and minimize the energy consumption during the production process.

Sustainability for Krie Design not only means the environment but people too. Our clothing is manufactured in Croatia, where we created a development-focused working environment able to ensure a work-life balance for all our employees. As our collections are of limited editions, when talking about the number of items being produced, waste is minimum to none. Only when items are sold out newly ordered is being manufactured in house & in cooperation with third party suppliers that share our values.

Our partners are mainly producers/factories from which we buy leftover fabrics (too low quantities, balk materials, defaults, or defects in the fabric itself, etc), that would otherwise go to waste.

This principle of production requires more innovations, higher creativity, and more working hours for dressmaking, but it the core of our brand philosophy we are proud of.




start-up with the collections based on the development of careful search for 100% Italian quality fabrics, eco-sustainable and highly performing.

Italian tailoring, creativity and innovation are the perfect ingredients for a 100% bio-sustainable cocktail, respecting the environment and the person.

Starting from this vision Ludovica Gualtieri Milano Cosmetics Fabric was born alongside the Green Fashion Collections to complete its concept: preserve the garments’ fabrics from the deterioration by the time, with 100% Eco-friendly products, formulated with vegetable surfactants.

Finally, with exclusive design and Italian development of all the products, it gives life to what experts define as the well-being of the future.

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POETHICA born faithfully around her values, from whose reflection sparkles the desire of a deep research of ethical yarns, sustainable production process and innovative solutions able to give a shape of a new “Affordable Conscious Luxury Clothing Brand ” rich of timeless collection of garments created beyond the conventional seasons.



A new sustainable fashion Brand from Italy that will be launched at GFW 10th Edition !



A family pharmaceutical tradition that has been handed down for four generations.

The evolution from medicinal phytotherapic to thermal cosmetic develops guided by a very specific idea: to exploit all the experience of family tradition in order to study and create superior quality, exclusive, innovative and high-profile products.

Original products in the conception but supported by technical-scientific research and which place the repole thermal sulphurous water at the center of functionality, a unique and inimitable raw material owned by the company. In this way, Frais Monde products will always be unique and cannot be copied.

the company is committed to the creation of a further new and advanced form of cosmetic: THE BIO THERMAL.

In a few years, new lines of spa products formulated and created with BIO ingredients were created.

Extracts and natural oils deriving only from organic and GMO free cultivation, thermal sulphurous water and exclusive thermal mineral salts extracted from our water.

The new frontier of cosmetics is born even more effective, modern and innovative, always on a scientific basis in respect of the environment and the person and represents the future of a company that was able to invent thermal cosmetics first, and now always pushing itself further and looking to the future without ever losing identity 'and tradition has invented the Bio-Thermal Cosmetic.


BC Boncar -

BC Boncar is a company that has been designing and producing packaging for the luxury sector for about 20 years with recognitions at national and international level.

Care, passion and attention to detail accompany all the processing phases of the products: from design to production. BC Boncar believes in designing tailor-made products to the specific needs of the customers.

BC Boncar develop coordinated image packaging, providing the customer with a complete service of articles in cardboard (boxes, shopping bags, tags, etc ..) and in fabric (dust-bags, tote-bags, etc ..).

BC Boncar believes in a sustainable future and growth. 

BC Boncar wants to improve the quality of people lives and of the environment by confirming every day the commitment to use natural materials with low environmental impact and looking for solutions to decrease Co2 emissions.

Bc Boncar has created the Big & Glam® brand, to design sustainable big packaging insize for the fashion industry.

BC Boncar organization allows to directly manage all the production cycle: from raw material purchases to subsequent internal and external processing, to end up with a capillary quality control in order to provide the most accurate products. Distribution and logistics take place all over the world, thus adhering to the needs of the customers.

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Elvetia is a Swiss label, founded and managed by Zurich native Jelena Brkic. She is fascinated by the passion of crystal hunters and by the talended goldsmiths and grinders, who exercise their traditional craft with an astonishing attention to detail. .

With Elvetia Jelena wants to build bridges between experienced talents and those, who are discovering this old craft for themselves.

And since we love Switzerland and our mountains, we produce everything right here in Switzerland. With respect for nature and using real Swiss craftsmanship.

Elvetia is determined to restore the concepts of "SwissMade" and "Swiss Quality" to its former grandeur.

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Romantic visual artist, pioneer, and unconventional designer Jeff Garner and his sustainable label Prophetik are on a path of transformation, leading the evolution of fashion and changing our perception of luxury. Mr. Garner was named one of the top 40 artists in the US and works were placed permentely into the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery for the 40 under 40 Exhibition. 

The uniqueness of Prophetik begins with the artist himself. Garner’s vivacity and his commitment to creating distinctive, sustainable, eco-friendly fashion is a reflection of his environment. Born in the Civil War town of Franklin, Tennessee, and raised on a horse farm, Garner grew with a connectedness to nature and a peaceful understanding of the world. The Prophetik label’s genesis came once Jeff made the decision to combine his love for his surroundings with his artistic desires. His ultimate vision to bring awareness to the toxins found in commercial synthetic fashion and the health implications to the human body to allow everyone choice.

Prophetik is established in the United States and is fast becoming the label synonymous with fashion-led ethical design in the United Kingdom with widespread praise from mainstream fashion media. 

A press favorite and a prominent voice in the ethical fashion arena, Jeff dresses many artists such as Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon, Activist Livia Firth, & Suzy Cameron etc..  He won an Emmy in 2019 for his documentary on Sustainable Fashion called ‘Remastered’.



Be the change that you wish to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi


BAV TAiLOR | sustainable luxury – a collective fusion of finest certified natural or recycled materials and pure, geometrical silhouettes and effortless volumes inspired by design, architecture and Eastern philosophies that represent true hallmarks of authentic 100% Made in Italy through a ‘360° sustainability manifesto’ which endeavours to support the ‘United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’.

Born in London, Indian by origin, a nomad in spirit, Bav Tailor, the Founder and Conscious Creative of the brand launched in 2015, upholds the tradition of her ancestors and Grandfathers, great Sartorialists, sourcing materials from suppliers, which encapsulate excellence in innovation, craftsmanship and respectful standards. Awarded with the ‘Conscious Designer’ award by the Arab Fashion Council and nominated Vogue Talent finalist of ‘Who Is On Next 2019?’, scouting project promoted by Altaroma and Vogue Italia with whom she showcased during the ‘Vogue Talents 10 Anniversary’ exhibition, each creation is an effortless tailor-made fit allowing freedom of movement, functionality, and peace of mind during one’s evolution of the conscious awareness.

BAV TAiLOR is a member of Positive Luxury, awarded with the Butterfly Mark for a company-wide commitment to sustainability, and Common Objective, both global platforms for sustainable fashion, which through the brand’s 360° sustainability manifesto stemming from the design process, certified materials, through to an ethical and transparent production, pledges to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint whilst making a social contribution.

The colour palette remains an exploration of crystals and earth tones fused into natural and researched materials that remain in symmetry with a sober, and balanced way of thinking; such as the brand colours:

moon white // a symbol of insight and clarity.

blue tourmaline // a symbol of creative communication to the heart.

Each piece in the collection soulfully categorises into linear or larger volume silhouettes for all creeds and forms.

A project dedicated to the Existentialist, a free-spirited Woman determined by her independently authentic choices and actions which constitute her accomplishments and inner existence.

Each BAV TAiLOR creation endeavours to not harm humans or animals.

Respect your body + your sphere.



Aiming to solve the challenge of over-production and over-consumption of goods in the fashion industry, I call to adopt a “degrowth friendly” way of life : consume according to our needs (only if necessary), produce according to demand (if possible, re-exploiting already exploited resources). For that, I make all the pieces of clothing from existing clothes (recovered, reused, recycled). Material sourcing becoming a consequent step in my process, the production – that is slowed down – also satisfies the whole concept of deceleration. Doing better with less – that is my goal.