We know the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries impacting the environment, therefore, our goal is to set a path towards sustainable and responsible fashion, by promoting the adoption of sustainable development models and responsible management systems.


We believe that the fashion industry of the future will be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. This is the only way we can preserve our planet and safeguard the future of next generations.



Designer Criteria

The designer becomes sustainable by designing high-quality and long lasting products, using eco-friendly, recycled or regenerated raw materials, reducing waste and scrap volumes, inventing new ways to utilise products at the end of their lifecycle and using packaging with the minimum impact on the environment. 


The control and reduction of energy and natural resources consumption, particularly referring to water and electricity, are an essential element for a fashion friendly environment.


Designers play a crucial role due to their visibility, they can be the pioneers of a change towards sustainability bringing a clear message on the runways by showcasing their green collections.


Ultimately, we aim to change the way fashion is made and enjoyed by creating a platform and a meeting point where designers can showcase their eco-friendly collections, promoting a worldwide message of sustainability.