Seriterm -

Seriterm is a sustainable company that produces paddings for winter apparels.

The silk used to create this padding originates from a double production cycle.

It uses both primary and secondary materials derived from recovery chains, nonetheless it preserves their qualities.

The quality of this material is reflected by a superior technical performance if compared to the traditional one. We gave birth too a noble innovation following the concepts of Circular Economy.

We introduced a new way to use waste coming from fabric factories, giving birth to a new padding that is good for you, your health and for the planet. our mission is to meet people's needs by giving them the best choice for their performances; and to satisfy companies by offering them an innovative change to face the future.

Seriterm thanks to the combination of reborn silk and recycled polyester is able to maintain the body heat also at very rigid conditions.

According to lab analysis, this padding is able to handle our temperatures, preserve the natural breathability of the skin and protect it from bacteria and mites. 


Nina SYC also known as Ania Gastol, born in Krakow, Poland is a freelance Art-Wear Designer, based in Milan.

Nina started her brand in 2012, by making costumes from the old newspapers, and other thrown-out pieces of disposable.

Since then, she Re-use, she Re-cycle and Up-cycle.

Paper is the main material she use to create her dresses. 

She is now developing projects to support the valuable alternatives to conventional paper (i.e hemp paper) to help in protecting the forests.

By exhibiting her collections, she promote ideas of No-Waste, to alert people of possibility to reduce wastage and be as much Eco friendly as possible. Her goal is to raise an interaction with environment by breaking concepts.

After completing a year of the fashion school in 2017, she started working with the textiles. She is now mixing paper with various fabrics. She only use the second hand clothes, left-overs and scraps of textiles.

She create dresses/costumes that can be worn, they can also be used as the Art Installations for various events.