program -  MARCH 2017*


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do the designers have to stay in L.A. for the entire week? It will be convenient since it will be a beautiful adventure therefore, it would be a pity not to stay the entire week.
  2. Where are the hotels located? Roosevelt Hotel in L.A. March 30,31 (7000 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028-6003); Longstreet Inn Casino & RV Resort in Amargosa Valley, Nevada April 1; Tuscany Suites & Casino in Las Vegas April 2,3,4.
  3. Can the designers bring extra guests? Of course, the designers if they wish can bring extra guests at their own expense. GFW will not be responsible for flight tickets and hotel accommodations. Please let us know as soon as possible the Name and Surname of everyone that will be attending the event including Bloggers and Journalists.
  4.  Do the designers have a choice/influence on choosing the models, Hair and Make-up and or music? We will cast the  models before your arrival. Concerning make-up, hairstyle and  music it will be difficult to change make-up & hair stylists for the April 2nd venue because we will be shooting and filming in the desert. Please keep in mind that the venues will be in the desert, therefore many of the final touch-ups will be done in post-production (e.i. music). We will be filming shows and creating awareness material for eco-sustainable fashion. The 5th edition of Green Fashion Week (March/April 2017) will not have any attendees or perhaps a few,  unlike GFW's event in Rome and Naples in October 2017, where we look forward to seeing you as well.
  5. Can GFW provide a list of the models and shoe size? Yes, as soon GFW is finished casting the models a list will be provided informing the designers shoe size and measurements.
  6. Will there be anyone assisting the designers during the event? GFW staff will be available to assist the  fashion designers during the entire week.
  7. How many fashion designers will participate in the GFW 5th edition? Since this will be a highly exclusive week, we have selected six to eight luxury sustainable designers only. GFW has selected Italian, American, Canadian, English, Australian, Polish and Croatian designers.
  8.  Should the designers bring their banners and roll-ups to the event? Yes, please bring your banner and roll-ups and send via e-mail your logo for the press kit.
  9. Is there a list and timetable of the fashion shows? Look books will be created in the desert for all of the designers. You will be invited to the Lingerie show March 31st at the Beverly Hills villa. One collective fashion show will take place on April 2nd at Furnace Creek and a single fashion show on April 4th at the Sandy Valley Ranch (event time TBC). 
  10. GFW charge a participation fee? GFW will not charge a participation fee since we are a Non-Profit Organization.
  11. What does GFW provide? GFW will provide Hotel accommodation, venue locations, Models, Hair and Make-up stylists, Photographers and video producers, Photos and Videos, On-site bloggers that have millions of followers, visibility & coverage on Green Fashion Week’s website, contacts with stylists and casting directors present at the event as well as journalists.
  12.  Will GFW provide travel expenses? GFW does not provide flight tickets for the designers nor bloggers/Journalists.
  13. Who will pay for the personal medical & travel insurance? The designer is responsible for his/her personal medical & travel insurance.
  14. Who provides for the Bloggers/Journalist flight ticket? The designers are responsible for the flight tickets of the Bloggers/Journalists and any other guests.
  15. How many rooms will be provided? GFW will provide two double occupancy rooms. One room for the Designer and another for the Blogger/Journalist.
  16. Will GFW provide food & beverage? GFW will not provide food and beverage and any other extra costs aside from the hotel accommodation.
  17. Will GFW provide transportation from and to the different venues? Yes, GFW will provide transportation to and from all the different venues but NOT to and from the airport.


The GFW events in March and April 2017 are private events and held in private locations in order to avoid any misunderstanding when passing USA customs. This is not a work event but an eco-sustainable convention.


We suggest you send your collection a few days in advance to the Hotel in Los Angeles in order to avoid any problems with USA customs.


Please make sure you have requested the ESTA Visa prior to your