It's Green Fashion Week time!

9th edition took place in Algarve, Portugal, from October 28th to November 4th 2019.


The breathtaking landscapes of the southern Portugal, its suggestive cliffs, its culture and the masterpieces of our sustainable designers amazed everyone during this new adventure discovering local sustainable manufacture and products.



Micaela Oliveira is a sustainable fashion designer based in Portugal. Her professional life project has been shaped in a process of continuous growth since 2002, the year in which she began her businesswoman activity in the bridal sector and in the elaboration of couture dresses. She brings together in a unique collection bridal fashion, haute couture and prêt-à-porter lines, along with other projects carried out throughout her more than twenty years-long career.

The stylist is recognized as an inescapable icon of refinement, charm and sophistication. With her premium brand Micaela Oliveira Atelier she has gained visibility and international fame, thanks to the strong investment she makes in her personal training, professional development and in numerous explorative trips abroad.

The collection is composed by sustainable bride dresses made by plastic bottles wastes. The yarn is produced in Italy and the fabrics in Portugal, using only first class materials, certified by the providers. The stones are glass-made.


KRIÉ Design is a Croatian fashion brand, founded by Kristina Burja in 2008.

It is famous for the unique design that combines specific model cuts, handmade applications and details.

The brand philosophy is to create unique street-smart fashion that can be worn throughout years,

using eco-friendly and comfortable materials with the ability of multi functional styling and easily to maintain.

KRIÉ Design's new collection is inspired by colours of the soil, with statement details, full of sleek, soft lines and timeless shapes. The collection consists of dresses, suits and coats that are made of recycled polyester, recycled polyamide and recycled eco leather.

Kristina Burja's design is both cutting-edge and timeless.

Looking great must feel good. The whole concept of brand KRIÉ is about sustainable fashion and the designer is inspired by fierce women who are not afraid to run the world.


KROMAGNON is a fashion brand founded by Kristen Luong which encompasses elegance, refinement, luxury and mindfulness. Kristen's design aesthetic is modern with clean lines and draws from her background in urban culture and science. The inspiration for KROMAGNON comes from the Cro-Magnon Man who was one of the early humans to utilize sewing, weaving, tanning and art as part of their culture. Everything is sustainable, organic, natural and most importantly biodegradable and made in New York City. 

KROMAGNON Spring Summer 2020 Collection is about the revivification of materials and traditional tailoring. Garments are made from recycled scuba diving wetsuits and neoprene into tailored suits that are also moisture wicking. Other renewable materials include recycled water bottles collected from the ocean blended with organic cotton and lyocell which is made from cellulosic fiber by dissolving wood pulp. Trims include buttons which are made from composite cotton, recycled paper, and powdered horn which is a by-product of the farming industry. KROMAGNON’s latest collection offers pieces that are funny, bright, and sunny coloured yet impeccably tailored to perfection. 


Orushka is the Polish brand that creates unique pieces, mostly bespoken.

From the very beginning of her creative work, designer Honorata Ruszczynska has sought a balance between the needs of people and the environment. For this reason, Orushka uses only natural fabrics and recycling. The brand is an opponent of fake fur, a synthetic material that damages the environment and our health. So everything that we have been putting in our wardrobes for years is re-used and re-stitched by the designer in order to create durable, natural garments.

All pieces are handmade in the designer‘s workshop.

New collection CAN'T SING, presented during Green Fashion Week IX edition, was inspired by mermaids. However, Orushka‘s sirens are not as in childhood fairy tales: they're harder, toxic, darker, just like the environment in the ocean abyss.

In this way, the designer tries to force people to change their habits. 

“I do not use cheap labor, all the things arise in my small workshop, located in a house deep in the forest. Sometimes I work with my Fashion School students, who work for me with placements for which they receive fair payments”.

(Honorata Ruszczynska, CEO of Orushka)