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Earth is questioning us. Us, obedient pupils, who are listening to Her. And we are answering Her.

We answer Green Fashion Week.

Describe today’s world. An adjective? Wide. Any substantives? Social, trends.

Yes but, what do they really mean? We want to finally give a real meaning.

We see emptiness everywhere: and that’s because everything stops to exist in the same moment that it is presumed to be owned. And this, authomatically gives rise to the desire of taking over something else, of purchasing something else.

Put aside, just for a moment, all the human tasks driven by the frenetic 2.0 philosphy: let’s stop alarm clocks, ringtones, beeps, clacsons, charging bars and downloads of any kinds. Let’s listen ourselves.

The answer: passions. Hang onto them: they are the ones that make us feel alive.

What is passion? Which is ours?




At the present moment, we are searching for a base: GreenLandia.

A headquarter of Beauty, Art, Cinema, Design, Fashion: in few words, all of our passions.

Clothes, mobiles, shops, social networks: all this in the spirit of consciousness and sustainability .

Let’s buy and chat, have fun! Let’s finally give a value to these actions, so that they won’t burn their spark of happiness in the right second they are done.

Imagine: a dress composed of 100% sustainable materials, that is good to Your skin, that will live with You and will taste of Your story. And it is this story of you that you would like to share: a picture, a video, a quotation posted on the network. Let’s put some true joys on our walls, no more inconsistent emotive comets and rumbling hashtags! Stop it, let’s go forward.

Green Fashion Week goes forward: over the clichés that imposes that what is “conscious” is not beautiful, that what is “sustainable” is not social, or trendy.




Let’s spread this desire of doing something right, something true: 

Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, Allcott Group and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change are the allies who believed in our project.

We are searching for an island to pitch our Green flag: we want to open Green Fashion Week to the world, so that the world will open to its future.

A Green, bright future.



Our Blue Planet is turning Green

Blue is sad. Green is Hope.


#GoGreen  #GG  #🌱

Our Blue Planet is turning Green


Look out, look out, UFOs are coming: Green Fashion Week spaceship, to be more precise.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No: it’s Green Fashion Week. A futuristic and sustainable Noah’s Ark, a smart city, we like to say.

What’s smart today?

Smart is a way back to the past that looks to the future.

Where we are today?

Today is nothing. We go too fast to think about the present. We all run, always…it only exists the future, we know it. We’re a step ahead, few years, many miles.

We had run a lot, taking constant glances on our back. What did we do since now?

Our travel is a multicolor one, a pop enterprise announcing new trends that will feed the twisted boredom of this age. It all begun in 2016: our spaceship travelled from Abu Dhabi to Milan, crossing Los Angeles straight to Rome, and now, Dubai, 2018.

 Which will be the future?


Green Fashion Week has come at its Seventh Edition, and we can proudly say we have a lot of passions.

Fashion. Colors. Music. Shows. Beauty: the beauty that goes from the precious manifacture of our sustainable clothes, to the tall and elegant figures of our models on the catwalk, from the excited pupils of our audience to those children’s eyes that maybe, one day, will thank us to have not threw it alla way, to have thought about “the after”. To have done something, concretely.

With the aim of moving you, we got moved too: in front of the Foro Imperiale di Augusto in Rome, in the middle of the Death Valley, there we were, between a shooting and a fashion show. There we were, lucky witnesses of what the past and the future, the Nature’s powerfulness and Man’s genius can actually do together, in harmony.

Are we aliens? Well, our intentions are clearly human…

Not invaders, but pioneers of a change that wants to carry out more and more, that must carry out, more than ever.







Natural composed clothing, fashion shows and social channels of our Green community became the beating heart of this big, pop party that Green Fashion Week is: we give significance to the things that people love the most, explaining the real reason why of their strong affection: it’s love for beautiful things, for the freedom to connect, know, communicate, create. Let’s have fun.

Green Fashion Week takes this whirlwind of colors and positivity, with the knowledge that we all can do more: progress led us up here, but we lost depth along the way. Let’s give meaning, let’s search for beauty.

Beauty is smart, is the future, is passion.

We have been searching up and down, juggling between ancient roman ruins and american deserts.

Now: why don’t we bring it home?